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My name is Flennie Nooij, and I am the owner of Flennie Helpt. After years of working as a lawyer and having solved all sorts of problems for people mostly in writing, I wanted to focus on preventing problems in a more practical way. Many of the problems I used to encounter could have been solved by a timely, practical intervention.

This is when I started working as a volunteer at the Centram foundation in Amsterdam, where I counseled people that had been submitted to the local council’s debt restructuring program on how to set up and sort out their domestic administration.
Here I learned that each of us can end up in a situation where it all seems to go wrong, where you lose all sense of balance.
In this case, a proper (domestic) foundation can help solve problems more quickly and more easily. I also encountered people who had simply never learned how to take care of their administration or household, or people whose organizational skills were just not their strongest trait.
At the Centram foundation I noticed that motivating people to organize their lives on their own came naturally to me. I discovered that I especially liked doing so, helping people in a practical way.

All of this motivated me to take the course Education in Professional Organizing for Private Enterprises (OPOP) taught by the HuishoudCoach®. Coach Els Jacobs inspired me, and trained me to be a professional organizer, teaching me her organizational methods.


In 2014 I started my company, Flennie Helpt (=Flennie Helps). Since then, I advise and guide people in need of my help as professional organizer, with considerable pleasure, so that they can live healthier, happier, and more comfortable lives.
I believe humor and acceptance are the key to reaching practical and positive results. This is why I try to help my clients overcome each and every hurdle, and to keep focusing on the positive results that their efforts will bring.

Flennie Helpt is a member of the NBPO. The Dutch Trade Association of Professional Organizers. This indicates a guarantee of quality and professionality in my practice.