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Flennie Helps

As a professional organizer, I offer practical help and advice, personal coaching and all the guidance needed when making decisions and implementing structure in your life. Together we’ll take on the clutter, the piles of paperwork, wardrobes, removal boxes, and other storage problems. I also teach inspiring and motivational workshop.

Flennie Helpt

Which areas?

I provide active, practical and supportive help in the areas below. We will work together to achieve positive and satisfying results.

General areas

  • * Setting up and/or organizing your administration and optimizing computer workflow
  • * Tidying and (re)organizing your home and workspace
  • * Streamlining your household tasks
  • * Sorting out your schedule and help plan and prioritize

Other areas

  • * Organizing unexpected relocations. After a divorce, death, or when moving in together, but also when parents move into a nursing home.
  • * Managing the deceased’s estate. Sometimes, it can be useful when relatives and/or executor receive help with sorting out the administration, dividing their possessions, bringing ongoing business to an end, and getting the house ready for sale.
  • * Workshops and Readings. Flennie Helpt organizes inspiring and motivational workshops on location for groups of 6 or more. Workshops in-company or at home are also possible.
  • * Be sure to keep an eye out for the tips and tricks on this website for information about the time and place of the upcoming workshops in your neighborhood!

  • For more information mail