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What is Flennie Helps’s approach?


By teaching administrative and organizational systems, and providing coaching when things get stuck, but above all by rolling up our sleeves, together, I help create long-term clarity, peace and space, for a healthier, and happier and more comfortable life.

Usually this helps you catch the organizing bug, and you will probably keep on going as soon as I am gone! The aim is to help you regain control over the situation at home, at work, and in your mind.

1 First visit

After our first meeting via phone or email I will come round for a free and noncommittal visit, either at home or at the workplace, whichever might be necessary.
Within the span of 1 hour, we will discuss the things that are going well, the things that could go better, and the things with which you would like me to help.
We will do a round of the house, and based on our discussion I will propose a plan of action and a timeline, and we can discuss payment.

I will send you this proposal by email, after which you have a week to decide whether or not you want us to get to work.

If we are able to reach an agreement, we will get right to it.


2 Work sessions

A work session takes 3 hours, unless otherwise agreed upon.
During the work sessions we roll up our sleeves together! In addition, I will give practical advice and tips, and I will guide you, by means of personal coaching and my simple step-by- step plan, towards a long-term organization and ordering of your household and/or administration.
You make the decisions about your things, I stimulate and help out with making choices. Gradually, we will implement a system that works for you, and I will help create long-term clarity, peace and space, for a healthier, and happier and more comfortable life.

At the end of each work session we will look at which goals have been reached, and whether or not any follow-up sessions are necessary.

3 After-care

Two weeks after the last work session, I will contact you by phone. This is where you get the opportunity to ask any questions. If necessary, I can provide further support via a follow-up session, or coaching by phone or email. A service contract is another possibility.

It is also always possible to get a written evaluation.